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Why Hire a Public Adjuster?

Filing an insurance claim for the damages to your property is often an overwhelming and complicated process. A Public Adjuster works for YOU the policyholder, and is there to represent you and negotiate on your behalf for the settlement that you deserve. Unlike your insurance companies adjuster, Public Adjusters work for your best interest, not the insurance companies.

Our Licensed & Bonded professionals are here to analyze your policy, perform a thorough inspection of your damages, write a detailed estimate for your loss and negotiate for every dollar that you deserve for your loss.

Research conducted by the Florida Legislature’s of program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPPAGA) found that policyholders who used a public adjuster to represent them in their property insurance claim, saw an average increase of 747% in their homeowner’s insurance payout.

OPPAGA independent study shows the following (based on 50th percentile or typical payment):

Claim Payout when hiring a Public Adjuster :


Claim Payout without hiring a Public Adjuster :


Types of Insurance Claims & Losses

We handle ALL Commercial & Residential property insurance claims. These include:

Water Damage

Damage from flood, roof leaks, plumbing leaks, bathroom leaks, window leaks, Air Conditioning leaks.

Roof Damage

Damage from missing shingles, rain, storm, wind, roof leaks.


Mold is a type of fungi that is very dangerous to our homes. Comes as a result of moisture from leaking pipes, rain, water damage.

Fire Damage

Damage caused by natural or accidental fires to structural and personal property.

Condominium Association

Damage caused to single or multiple properties part of an homeowners association.

Business Interruption

Interruption of your business  activities due to damage of your business property resulting in income loss.

Wind & Storm Damage

Damage caused by Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, rain, wind, tornados.

Kitchen Leak

Leaks under kitchen sink due to piping, water damage, etc.

Commercial Property

Damages to commercial property such as schools, supermarkets, religious institutions, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Our All Inclusive Service

Our Licensed & Bonded Public Adjusters will work with you through every step of the insurance claim and we will ensure that your insurance company is informed of all the losses caused by your property damages. With over 20 years of experience, we take pride in providing the best service in the industry. Through our appraisal and detailed reporting, we will make sure to address any details that your insurance’s adjuster may have missed.¬†

Reviewing your policy

We will carefully analyze and review your policy to truly understand your coverage, deductibles, exclusions, and other important information. Insurance language can be difficult to understand, and this process is extremely important as it will give us a better idea of the overall claim process.

Estimating Your Damages

We will prepare a detailed claim file to submit to your insurance company that will include reports, photographs, invoices, and any other important documentation that is needed to support your claim. In addition, we will use industry-leading software to estimate the amount for all claim related damages.

Adjusting your claim

We will communicate and negotiate with your insurance company and their adjusters to ensure that the claim is being analyzed and handled accordingly to your coverage as well as state and federal laws. We will continue to provide any information needed to help you get covered for all your damages.

Maximizing your settlement

For over 20 years, our goal at Moreau Consultants Inc has been for our clients to receive the maximum recovery for their damages. We will make sure that you are not being underpaid by the insurance company, and that you receive a fair settlement for your losses.